• HibisQs®


HibisQs® is the Trade name for a Unique series of new and improved genetics within the Hibiscus assortment - and further more, this Unique HibisQs® series is only produced by the leading Hibiscus growers around the world. In Denmark HibisQs®
is  exclusive produced by Graff Kristensen A/S. The new range of HibisQs® has been developed by the skilled employees
at the Hibiscus breeding company Graff Breeding® A/S with a "helping hand" of the magnificent Mother Nature.

The efforts behind and the final selection of the HibisQs® assortment is based on a wide range of requirements and expectations, commercially as well as for the end consumer. To target  and focus achieving these goals the assortment has been divided into 4 categories:

LongiFlora™ - where the main target is beauty and longer lasting flowers.

MultiFlora™ - where the main target is beauty and rich and more flowering plants.

GardiFlora™ - where the main target is beautiful outdoor suitable varieties. To achieve this goal, Graff Breeding® has built a large outdoor testing garden - where all varieties are tested before we name them GardiFlor.

The Hibiscus shown in these tree selections are carefully selected between 10.000 to 15.000 unique seeds / new seedling that
brings to flower every year. These huge numbers is required to have enough Hibiscus genetics to choose from - to fore fill
the requirements and expectations the team/partner group behind the HibisQs® series demands.

We hope you as professional and / or private will recognize these expectations when you enjoy our HibisQs®